Company Introduction


[KC] Registration of Broadcasting andCommunication Equipments

[Patent] system of curating using lightingdevice, and method thereof

[Patent] Lighting device for guiding timingof garbage disposal and method therefor

[KS] KS C 7713 Certificate

[Patent] System for anti-glare projecting,and method therefor

Waterproof and dustproof test report

Factory registration certificate

2019 Anyang City Policy Contest AwardCertificate

2019 Anyang City Policy Contest AwardCertificate

[Patent] Lighting device having a controlfunction and method thereof

Small business certificate

Certificate as Complete Charge Department forResearch and Development

Certificate of registration – ISO 9001:2015

Certificate of Venture Business

Certificate of BusinessRegistration

Direct production confirmation certificate

[Patent] directional signpost

Ceo : Rho, Ji-hyo
Registrationnumber : 394-87-00755
Address14118, #1708, 136, LS-ro, Dongan-gu,Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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